The house is located in the heart of Jeseníky mountains near the Přemyslovský saddle.

The area is a protected natural site with rare plants and animals. Exceptional for nature lovers.

Surroundings are ideal for hiking, cyckling, skiing or relaxing in the thermal spa Velké Losiny.

Summer trips

Walks in the surroundings

Walk to the Three Stones
The most comfortable walk is to take the path to Přemyslovská sedlo, from where you can head to the Three Stones Rock along the forest path with a marked cycle route. It offers a view of Praděd, as well as the entire Old Town and the Králický Sněžník massif. You can return the same way, or continue along the blue trail back to Nové Losiny and then return to the cottage.

Hike under the Black Slope
If there are no herds of cows grazing in the surrounding meadows, it is possible to walk along the meadows up into the forest, where it is possible to follow a worse ascending path to a paved path. If you turn right, after 1.7km, you turn right again downhill and emerge behind Přemyslovský sedlo. From here, follow the path lined with old avenue back to the house.
Location U Staré hájenky

If you have a romantic spirit, we recommend that you take a bottle of wine and a bite to eat on a nice summer evening and find the right pile of stones in the meadow above the house, which was piled up for centuries by the former inhabitants of Nové Losiny, and watch the sunset behind Králický Sněžník.


Hučava Valley and Františkov
From the house, follow the path down to the blue hiking trail that leads to Františkov. Here it is possible to continue along the Hučava valley to the U Mlýna locality. From there it is possible to turn right along the forest path and return to the blue trail and come out again at the crossroads in Nové Losiny.

Circuit around Ucháč
From the house you go to Přemyslovský sedlo and from there towards Tři kameny. From the crossroads you can continue along the green trail to Pekařov. From there, follow the red trail towards Bukovice and then follow the blue trail back to Tři Kameny and Velke Losiny. This trip can be extended by descending to Loučná nad Desnou, where you can have lunch in one of the restaurants.

Trip to Kouty nad Desnou
After Přemyslovský sedlo you can take the asphalt forest path uphill. The road then begins to traverse the slope until you reach Andělské Žlebů, which is a valley leading to Kouty nad Desnou, where you can have lunch. The way back is either via the Princely Way, where there used to be a forest railway for hauling wood, or along the blue trail. Both routes end in Přemyslov, from where it is a short walk to the cottage.

Cycling tours

From the house you can take many trips along marked cycling routes – to Kouty nad Desnou and Pekařov, as well as along smaller roads and forest paths – to Branná and Šléglová to Staré Město. Then to the Hučava valley to Ramzová. Or it is possible to visit the Aquapark in Velké Losiny on bicycles. For enduro riding you can use the Bikepark in Kouty nad Desnou, in Lázně – Lipová or Rychlebské trails.
Wandering around the history of the region
Like everywhere else in the Sudetenland, the remnants of the former population that was forced to leave the region after 1945 are everywhere in Nové Losiny. Already behind the house you can see the remnants of the foundations of the former houses. The same is true in the vicinity of the Přemyslovský sedlo, where former buildings resemble several flatter places with wildly growing deciduous trees. For example, you can go to the former Josefová, where there is a memorial to Empress Sisi. Under the slopes of the Ucháč Mountains is the former Sklená. You can continue on to the village of Labe, from where you have a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. The pilgrimage site behind Pekařov and Žárová is also very nice – the Potůčník cross path and the chapel of St. Anne, where there is also a healing spring.

Winter trips

There are a large number of ski resorts in the vicinity, the nearest of which is the resort in Přemyslov, which is located 2km from the cottage and it is possible to go down the slope directly to the cottage. The individual logos are also links to the websites of the individual ski resorts.

Cross-country skiing in the vicinity of the chalet
From the house you can go on foot to the Přemyslovské sedlo and go cross-country skiing around the Ucháče hill and also go to the Three Stones lookout. This is the shortest and most accessible trip, which can be recommended to all hikers. Another option is to follow the forest path under the Black Slope towards Kouty nad Desnou. Then return along the Knížecí path back to Přemyslov under the ski area, from where it is a short walk to the chalet.
If there is a lack of snow, it is possible to go by car to Petříkov and from there to Paprsek, where different circuits can be devised according to the time and physical condition of the trippers. By car it is 20 minutes from the cottage from Nove Losiny, so it is a pleasant.
Červenohorské sedlo
Another possible trip that is suitable in bad snow conditions is the trip to Červenohorské sedlo. There are two options here –

1) towards Vřesová studánka, where there is a newly opened and groomed circuit towards Šindelná hora or
2) exit to Švýcárna and Praděd, which is one of the classic trips in Jeseníky, both winter and summer.

Where to go with children

FAUNAPARK Horní Lipová
We are a small garden with private animal breeding, open to visitors of all ages and interest groups. Due to the increasing number of visitors, we decided to improve the conditions for the animals and make the garden more attractive for visitors. In short, we want to create the most optimal conditions for the convergence and contact between man and nature.
Sports and Entertainment Centre Bělá pod Pradědem
The Children’s World is located on the first floor of our entertainment centre. Inside, you will find many children’s attractions, touch-sensitive educational screens and wooden educational panels. The playroom is designed for children up to 12 years old. Venture into the world of sport with us and experience how challenging it is to shoot on the biathlon shooting range, work out on the TRX, take a ride on the ski simulator or check your fitness on our fitness analysis machine. And that’s not all. There are many other attractions in store for you. The stations are accompanied by touch screens where you can learn basic information about nutrition, body parameters and individual sports. World of Sport is designed for everyone from 4 years of age upwards. Children under 15 are only allowed to enter when accompanied by an adult.
Lego Museum Jeseník
FAUNAPARK Horní LipováIn the almost untouched protected landscape area of Jeseníky, you can enjoy the newly opened and youngest Brick Museum. Right next to the Priessnitz health spa, 1000 models of the immortal Lego building set are built on an area of 150 m2. In the museum, your children will also be able to play in the children’s corner. The shop offers a wide range of products that you won’t find in regular shops.